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SE 385 is an introduction to Database theory.


Curt will be gone November 6. Class is cancelled.


The third test will be on Wednesday, November 22. This will contains lots of things, but the largest are SQL DDL, DML and normalization.
The final exam will be on Thursday, December 14 at 1:00.

The assignments

Create a normalized schema. Due on Wednesday, 12/6.
The sales data. We will use this for a couple of assignments.
The second normalization exercise has been postponed to Wednesday 11/6.
Fifth SQL Query Worksheet. Due on Wednesday, 11/1.
You should install Microsoft SQL Server on your laptop.

Download the free version of SQL Server 2016. This should be complete by 10/24, seek help if you need it.
Creating the college database on your machine. Due on Friday, 10/27.
All of previous SQL assignments used the following: a description of the sample schemas for the college database (Word format).
The SQL test page.

ERD exercise. Due on Wednesday, 10/11.
Fourth SQL Query Worksheet. Due on Friday, 10/13.
A BTree worksheet. Due on Friday, 9/29.
Third SQL Query Worksheet. Postponed until Monday, 10/2.
Second SQL Query Worksheet. Due on Monday, 9/25.
First SQL Query Worksheet. Due on Wednesday, 9/20. Be sure to follow all the instructions on the sheet.


The intent is to have the presentations available before the start of class. They will be left here for some time after presentation.
Not yet covered.
Big Data. Updated 11/18.
Data mining.
Data warehouse.
Database concurrency.
No SQL databases.
Distributed Databases. Updated 12/1.
Index Creation in SQL.
Stored Procedures in SQLServer.
The highest and lowest balance example from class.
Microsoft's enhancements to SQL.
The disk manager.
Recovery of a DB.
Anything below this can be on the third test.
Schema refinement 3. Embedded fonts were added.
Schema refinement.
Schema refinement 2.
The MakeMoo utility. This is what will keep you from typing in all of the college data.
Transaction Management.
The SQL Data Manipulation Language.
The SQL Data Definition Language.
Anything below this can be on the second test.
Entity relationship diagrams.
Hash Indices.
SQL Join.
SQL Queries 3.
SQL Queries 2.
Client server paradigm.
Introduction to SQL.
SQL Queries.
Anything below this can be on the first test.
Error Correction Codes.
System catalog.
Relational calculus. Updated 9/5.
Relational algebra.
The functions a database should provide.
Database models.
The relational model.
History of database. Updated 8/23.
Basics of disks.
File organizations.


Fundamentals of Database Systems by Elmasri and Navathe.

Important documents overviewing the course:

The syllabus for SE 385 or the ADA friendly syllabus for SE 385.

Files and handouts

A description of the sample schemas for the college database (Word format). We will use this both for examples and exercises. Revised 9/11.

The SQL test page.

Articles of interest

SQL Injection Attacks.
SQL misconceptions illuminated.
The shrinking SQL NoSQL divide.
A ranking of popularity of data base engines.
How to fake database design.
First things to look for on a SQLServer implementation.
Survey of ACID implementation in common databases
Jim Gray's Data Management History This predates and foresees the NOSQL movement.
12 years of CAP

Other links of interest

Banks are BASE and not ACID.

Download the Express version of SQL Server, which is free.

Feeling lucky? Download the free version of DB2.

Also of interest. Download the free version of Oracle 11.

The SQL test page.

DataBase Adminstrator Jokes.

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