SE 385 Database Theory/Design

Instructor:Curt Hill, 845-7103
Office:138C McFarland
Office hours:See the schedule
WWW:It seems like you may have found it already

Text: Fundamentals of Database Systems Elmasri and Navathe

Catalog Entry: An introduction to relational database concepts, theory, design, and management. Goals: Successful students will learn concepts of database systems. The topics will include file types and organizations, database models, characteristics of databases, relational algebra and calculus, normal forms and basics of SQL.

Learning Outcomes

COVID Protocol The policy for this class will be to not require masking in class. However, any student who feels more comfortable wearing a mask is certainly welcome to do so. In addition, such a student should meet with their instructor or the Director of Student Academic Services (Kaleen Peterson) to find solutions to these issues.
The campus nurse requests we use a seating chart, so that if contact tracing is needed, she can start with those immediately closest. The students should figure out where they want to sit by early next week and stay there.
Absence due to Covid-19 will be treated like any other absence due to illness. Students need to contact the instructor and work out how they will make up the missed work and activities or, in some cases, participate synchronously while they are absent.

Time requirements: This course meets three times a week, for a total of 150 minutes per week; students are expected to complete approximately 2 hours of outside class study per every class hour, or approximately 5-6 hours of study per week. Students should spend approximately 30 minutes per class day reading the text. They will spend the rest of the required time doing the exercises given in class. The time required for these is rather unpredictable, so some weeks students will spend less than the normal time and others much more.

Career Services and Other Events:Students are required to attend 2 appropriate career services or local field trips during the semester and submit a 1-2 page reflection paper for each event attended.

Tests: There will four tests. There will be three exams during normal term, as well as the highly anticipated final. The final is worth two times the amount of an ordinary exam, since it combines the testing of all untested material with that of the comprehensive final. When there are five tests (three during the term and the final counting as two tests), the lowest test will be thrown out. All test grades will be based on the high score for that test, with tests being equally valued regardless of the number of points on the test.

Grading: There will be two components which will determine a final score. Each exam will be equally weighted. The test portion will be worth 75% of your grade and homework, quizzes and exercises will be worth 25%. The final score will then be a range of 0 - 100. Given that score, the grades will be determined in a conventional percent way, 90 100: A, 80-89: B, etc.

Career Services Events:Students are required to attend 2 appropriate career services or local field trips during the semester and submit a 1-2 page reflection paper for each event attended.

Web Page: Due the eccentricity of the instructor and longstanding practice much important information and most of the important documents are going to put on and maintained on the class web page. This page is linked to Curt's web page, which is in turn linked to the CSSE department web page, which in turn is linked to the VCSU page. All assignments will be posted to the web page first. In most cases the web page document will be the only one made available. This document, among others will be maintained there.

Important dates are in the Academic Calendar

Support Services and Policies: Student services and Academic policies. These include Disability Support Services, Academic Integrity, Final Examinations, Student Rights and many others.

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