Welcome to VCSU-MEP on Euler

Formerly known as ProgrammingLand MOOseum.


This is a MOO based Education Platform which is devoted to Computer Science Instruction, especially learning programming. It is the creation of Curt Hill with the help of many friends.

Browser Notes

This site may not be used without full Java applet support. Also, logging in using the enCore Xpress client starts a popup. If you have popup blocking this may be suppressed with no error messages. If you login with the wrong login or password an error dialog will occur.


The Java applets here use a self-signed (eg. insecure) Java certificate. You will be asked to run the applet and accept the risk. This makes the site susceptible to some types of attacks. Since this is not an e-commerce site that is not a problem. However, you should never set the password used here to any other password that you use.


If you have not used this MOO before you may want to read the following document: A document explaining simple commands and usage.

Project Home Page

The project home page.

Lesson Map

VCSU-MEP is organized into lessons, some of which are required in order to receive assignments and make progress. If you ever need to find a required lesson, the Lesson Map lists each lesson, the shortest path to get to it, and the subordinate rooms and lessons.

The Proprietor's Web Page

Curt Hill's Web Page.


Partial support for the development of this project has been received from National Science Foundation Grant EIA 0313154.

This client and the base of the MOO core was derived from enCore High Wired, which used to be here, but has now disappeared and they cite many more contributors.

Distribution of this project is covered by the GNU public license. Interested parties should contact Curt Hill.