What is an Exhibit

An exhibit is a single room in the museum. It has one of several purposes: 1) to direct the person to an exhibit of interest; 2) to convey some information on a particular topic of interest.; 3) to house an interactive object of some interest.
The first type usually has a menu of possibilities, such as the room that leads to this. A student merely has to type in the letter of the menu (followed by a carriage return or enter key) and he or she will then enter the room indicated.
The second type generally has some information that is displayed and then some exits that give the student a choice of what to browse next. These are usually on the bottom labeled:
Obvious exits: [exit] to somewhere, [cmd] to another place
The third type is similar to the second, except the room description merely points to the contents of the room.
In this example, the word in brackets is what needs to be typed to move to the room described by the text that follows.
It is the policy of this MOO that the word exit (usually abbreviable to x) will take you closer to the entry way.

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