Faculty Offices

These are faculty offices. You may only enter if the owner is present in them and no other student is conferring.
a) Curt Hill (also known as PGMR)
b) Brian Slator
c) Lisa, a bot, and several real workers
d) Nasty Ned, an insulting bot
e) Dustin Brandt
f) Vijayakumar Shanmugasundraram
g) Travis LaRocque
o) There is also an exit to some background information on building ProgrammingLand objects.
x) Return to foyer

Curt Hill's Office
Brian Slator's Virtual Office
Lisa's Real Office
Ned's Office
Justin's Office
Vijayakumar Shanmugasundraram's Office
Travis LaRocque's Office
ProgrammingLand Objects
Language Foyer
The Slator Instructor Office