Welcome to the VCSU-MEP.
This is the home room for judges of the 5th International Competition of Non-Commercial Software Systems, Tools and Products for Technology-Based Education.
A normal student in the MEP would be the member of one or more courses. Each course has a series of lessons, which is a group of rooms or exhibits. In the case of judges, you are in a special course with one overall lesson. Your lesson is the Background topics lesson.
To see the required lessons in your course enter
in the lower left hand corner pane.
To see the requirements of a lesson enter
@req - or - @requirements
in the same pane. You must be in the lesson room for this to show you the lesson requirements. The first time your student character enters a lesson room, you will be shown the requirements.
In most other cases, you will merely click on the link in this pane to navigate.
You are certainly welcome to look at any other content in the MEP, but the Lost agent may appear and ask you if you need assistance. If this happens just answer no in the lower left hand pane.
This course and these student object will continue until after the conclusion of the conference.

You see:
CATE01 (asleep)
Randy Stadham (asleep)
curtany (asleep)
Language Foyer
Read Me First